Must Haves Beauty Products for Mom

Chances are your daily routine includes about 243 more things than it did before you became a mom. Which can make it tough to fit in a shower some days, let alone your full pre-parenting beauty spiel.
Let’s face it (literally): as moms, your beauty routine takes a hit when the littles are running around. Luckily, we’ve got a few tried and true (AND affordable!) cosmetic and beauty products no mom should live without! Use this list to look your best on the outside, feel your best on the inside, and get back to being super mom in no time.

Personalized Hair care

Who doesn't love a totally personalized beauty product? Design your own shampoo and conditioner (including the color and scent) to fit all of your hair care needs.

Cool Kids Cosmetics

You're not just a regular mom, you're a cool mom! Therefore, you deserves products from all of our favorite brand. Just because the packaging is millennial pink doesn't mean it's just for millennials.

New Makeup Brushes

Is there anything better than new makeup brushes? No. And you deserves that level of luxury in her life.

A Fragrance Collection

Ten different scents means you can have one for every purse. Plus, they'll make for a really cute Instagram photo after she opens them.

A Bath Set

This amazing-smelling bath set comes with bubble bath, body cream and perfume and is the definition of #treatyoself.

A Mask Set

This is the easiest way to introduce yourself to the next hot thing in beauty: Binge masking. This so-crazy-it-just-might-work treatment involves putting on bunch of masks one after another to treat all of your skin woes back to back. Talk about a night of pampering!

A Skincare Kit That Gives Back

This is the ultimate woman-to-woman beauty gift that gives back, because all proceeds from every purchase go to support Look Good, Feel Better, a non-profit that provides beauty services to women fighting cancer.

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