Fun Spooky Ways to Get into the Halloween

Spooky time should be year round. Ghouls, ghosts, and witches? Sounds like my normal wardrobe anyway. This is the time of year that for many the thought of spooky fun make their way from the subconscious part of the brain to the conscious side of it. It should be fun for individuals, and in this article I will give you some fun things to do and they are intended to be fun and safe for the family and some you can even do for free.

So we have to get ready for it, but how?

1. Watch Scary Movies

Yes, scary movies are good all year, but to really get you into the Spooky Time spirit, gotta watch the OG scary movies.

2. Watch Spooky Movies

Now that the horror is out, now you can watch the fun scary movies. Scream anyone? You have 5 to choose from.

3. Pumpkin anyone?

Pumpkin flavored anything. LITERALLY ANYTHING. Coffee? Yes. Donuts? Yep. Candles? You betcha. Pumpkins? Of course. Decorative, edible, smashable, carvable. Pumpkins can do MANY THINGS.

4. Costumes

It is time to start thinking about costumes. Are you going to do a group one with your friends? With your significant other? Are you going to be something extravagant? Be something funny? The time to start is NOW.

It is only August, but there is so many things to do, to see, to accomplish, you have to start early.

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