Reasons Why Cavite is a Great Choice to Live and Invest

When purchasing a house, one of the most important things to decide on is where you want to live. Your home’s location should be carefully considered along with your lifestyle as well as the future value of your investment.

A lot of people may ask why choose to live in Cavite? Let’s try to dig deeper on what this city has to offer. 

Cavite has become a trendy place to live in recent times. These days you will find countless new residential developments along with plenty of entertainment options and natural beauty. And with its manageable commute to Metro Manila, it’s easy to see why more city folks are relocating here.

Of course, the province is far more than just a commuter suburb. Cavite is a place you’ll be proud to call home. Known for its rich culture and history, the province of Cavite is recognized as one of the fastest-growing areas in the Philippines. It is home not just to agricultural lands, industrial zones, heritage spots, and business parks, but also residential and other real estate developments.

Here are some of the many reasons to invest in a house and lot in Cavite.


One of the biggest advantages of investing a property in Cavite is living outside the stresses of big city living but also being able to enjoy being in close proximity to it. Cavite is the closest province to Metro Manila, made very accessible by the recent developments of major roads and highways connecting the two areas.

With CAVITEX and Quirino Avenue in the north, Daang Hari and the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX) in the south, and Marcos Alvarez Avenue in the east, Cavite residents have many route options if they want to visit the metro.

Rich History and Culture

Known as the place where Philippine Independence was first declared, the town of Cavite played an important role in the history of the Philippine Republic. Preserved historic properties include Aguinaldo Shrine, Corregidor Island, Sangley Point and Bonifacio Memorial Shrine.

Career Opportunities

The number of BPO companies, IT parks and buildings, and multinational corporations keep growing as the province experiences rapid development over the years. This means lots career opportunities for current and future Caviteños.

So if you are planning to invest a house in Cavite but worried it might affect your travel time to your work, you can start looking for other employment options as early as now and stop worrying.

Food Hubs

Cavite, as one of the most modernized provinces in the Philippines boasts not only its vast residential lands and economic zone, but also a wide variety of food.

Living in Cavite brings you closer to some of the best dishes in the country, including Tagaytay’s famous bulalo and special buko pie. Also, Cavite is the place for home cooking restaurants such as Breakfast at Antonio’s, Leslie’s and Lolo Claro’s Restaurant that one shouldn’t miss!

Business Opportunities

Because Cavite is experiencing a rapid development in the past years until now, more and more opportunities are coming in especially in business side. The fact that population in the province continues to grow and more and more residential communities are being built is more than enough reason to put up a business.

So investing a house and lot in Cavite not only means embracing relaxation and comfort, it can also open opportunities to start and grow your business.

Shopping Malls and Entertainment Centers

Cavite is home to the Manileño’s number one weekend destination: Tagaytay. Moreover, recreational hotspots like mountains and beaches (like Ternate Beach, Balite Falls, and Mt. Pico De Loro, among many others) are all a stone's throw away from the province.

If you’re in need of big mall shopping and entertainment options, you won’t need to travel all the way to Metro Manila. Major mall chains, including SM Supermalls, Robinsons Malls, Ayala Malls, and even S&R, have long established themselves in Cavite.

Transportation options

With the LRT-1 extension going in and out of Cavite being under way and is expected to be operational by early 2021, Traveling in and out of the province will be easier as it will add another layer of transportation options for commuters.

Another reason is the rise of provincial buses and UV Express terminals in the south that serve thousands of commuters residing in Cavite.

Economic Zones

With the rise of commercial hubs in parts of Pasay, BGC, and Muntinlupa, it is no doubt that the Philippine real estate development is going southwards. Investors consider Cavite a good place to establish business due to the low cost of labor and high supply of manpower. Currently, there are over twelve industrial parks in Cavite, mostly in the business of manufacturing.

The Vermosa project will become the hub for call centers, IT companies and other businesses that will provide employment to hundreds of residents in Cavite.

Close proximity to vacation and tourist spots

Cavite is surrounded by neighboring provinces with stunning tourist and vacation spots like batangas, tagaytay, and Quezon Province. The province also boasts tourist destination of its own like Puerto Azul, Boracay de Cavite, and Pico de Loro.

Maragondon Cavite also has its own beautiful spot called Cabag Cave. If you can't afford to go to Palawan's underground river, then Cabag Cave can be a great alternative.

If you want a bit of adventure and witness history, you can set sail and visit El Fraile Island in Ternate, Cavite or Corregidor Island.

Environment and Traffic

Compared to Metro Manila, Cavite is less populated; thus, offering a more quiet environment with more parks and greenways. The climate is also more ideal—thanks to better control of air pollution and the higher altitude (especially going up to Tagaytay).

The lower population count also means less vehicles and less traffic jams to worry about compared to the big city.

Lesser Crowd

Because Cavite has lower population compared to Metro Manila, this also means less crowd. If you are the type of person who wants to live a quiet and simple life, then Cavite is the best place for you. Even if you visit one of Cavite's leisure spots, you won't find it as congested as the ones in Metro Manila.

Residential properties in Dasmarinas, Imus, General Trias, and Tanza offer house and lots for people who want to stay away from congestion of a city living.

Less Air Pollution

As a highly congested region, Metro Manila’s air quality may not be the best environment to grow a family. Vehicles being the number one source of air pollutant in the area, it is important to have a well-planned blueprint of the city to make it more pedestrianized.

To reduce dependence on private cars to travel to work, Vermosa guarantee that neighborhood retail centers are easily accessible within a 10-minute walk or bike ride from any residential development within its premises. Ayala Land aims to promote a “walkable” city where people would prefer walking or riding a bike than driving.

Quick Weekend Getaways

Only hours away from Manila, the city of Tagaytay is an all-time favorite weekend destination among people from the metro. Whether you feel like climbing mountains or hitting the beach, Cavite is home to Mt. Pico De Loro, Ternate Beach, Balite Falls, Corregidor Island and more.

World-class Colleges and Universities

Residing in Cavite enables your children easier access to some of the best schools in the province. Well-known universities and colleges like De La Salle University, Far Eastern University-Cavite, San Sebastian College-Recoletos de Cavite and Emilio Aguinaldo College are situated in Cavite.

Affordable schools such as Cavite State University, City College of Tagaytay, and AMA Computer University - Cavite Campus can also be found in the province.

Affordability and Choice

Deciding to reside in Cavite for good can be a huge move and may need a lot of adjustments if you are used to living in the metropolis. On the other side, it's also a smart investment as chances are high that property value in Cavite will soar in the next 5 to 10 years.

So investing a property as early as now not only mean comfortable living, but also a long term investment.

With the rise of real estate in Cavite developments, you will surely find a property option that fits your budget and suits your lifestyle needs.

Find the comfort of country living while enjoying the fast-paced life in the city. If you are looking for pre-selling houses in Cavite, we have lots of properties that might be perfect for you.

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