6 Move Without a Stress Free

Some people may think there is no such thing as a stress-free move. That’s not entirely true. The key is preparation. The more prepared you are, the easier your move will be. Sure, it’s impossible to predict how everything will turn out, but there are several steps you can take to avoid common problems.
We can’t guarantee a totally stress-free move. However, doing the following may allow you to sidestep pain points and allow you to enjoy your new home quicker.

Tips for a stress-free move

1) Don’t use garbage bags
Trash is the only thing that belongs in a garbage bag. Yet many people just throw personal belongings into garbage bags before moving. Not only can these rip during the moving process causing everything to fall out, it is near impossible to sort through stuff when unpacking if it has been stuffed into a trash bag.
2) Take the “do I need this” test
When you’re packing and come across an item that hasn’t used in a while, ask yourself if it’s really needed. There is no point in taking something you won’t use to your new digs.
3) Label boxes properly
Many people will either leave boxes entirely unmarked or write a confusing and unhelpful description. Don’t scribble down something like “stuff I need” or “important stuff” on the boxes. Instead, write down the name of the room the box should go in and a brief summary.
Good example: Kitchen – plates, cups and utensils
Bad example: Eat
4) Protect breakables
This may seem like common sense to some of you, but we’ve seen plenty of people simply put ceramics in a box and hope for the best. Wrap anything breakable and put crumpled newspaper in the box for extra protection. And if something is valuable, go ahead and place it in bubble wrap.
5) Food for thought
Buy an ice chest and some ice so you can transport any perishable food items that require cold storage. You run the risk of food spoiling if you simply leave it out while moving it. If you don’t feel like getting an ice chest, why not make a big meal for those helping you move using the leftover food you don’t want to take with you?
6) Set up your new home before you move
If you can’t live without internet, cable TV or electricity, be sure to set these services up before moving. It can take days or sometimes weeks to have these installed. Do this ahead of time to avoid sitting in the dark with no Wi-Fi.

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