Helpful 2019 Feng Shui Tips for Your House

An uncluttered desk will allow you to work more productively.

Is your home ready for the Year of the Earth Pig?

Feng shui, or the Chinese custom of attracting good fortune, is a timeless way of ushering luck into your home. While it does not guarantee immediate success, it does encourage proper circulation and efficient furniture arrangement.

As we await the Chinese New Year, you can also start decorating your home according to some feng shui principles to encourage good energy in your spaces and inspire luck in different aspects of your life.


When it comes to feng shui, your home arrangement can make a big impact on your well-being. Avoid orienting your bed in the southeast direction to prevent cardiovascular and cerebral diseases. Keep it off from the northeast direction to prevent insomnia and other ailments. If you are open to using feng shui items, the green aventurine Happy Buddha statue is said to help with your physical and mental well-being. Keep it displayed in the house for improved lungs, heart and eyes.

Plants can help with your overall health. Bamboo, considered a symbol of longevity, should be placed in the west. The fact that it remains green throughout the year ensures that you will always have a natural element in your home.

If you have problems with sleeping, a turtle sculpture can help alleviate insomnia and keep children from having nightmares. Place them over your bed to combat negative energy and to keep watch over you.


In terms of career, you can attract good fortune by organizing yourself better. Get rid of clutter and throw away items that are not needed.

Arrange paperwork in your office and empty the trash can daily. Add a bamboo plant to help you relax but avoid sharp cactuses and bonsai or miniature trees.

To help make your office a productive working space, place tools and items in designated locations. The phone, computer and other communication devices are best placed in the west or northwest area to keep contacts on hand. Photos of family and loved ones should be placed in the west or east. Lamps are best placed in the south.

Plants are best placed in the east, where sunshine can reach them. For children, provide a separate desk in the bedroom or study to improve grades.


Believe it or not, cleaning your bedroom is said to attract love. It doesn’t mean you will invite people to your bedroom. A clean sleeping area will help you wake up refreshed and happier more frequently.

Throw away items that remind you of past relationships to help you move on and welcome new people in life. Discard food items and dying plants to keep your bedroom healthy and bug-free. Place red flowers in the bedroom to inspire romance. Orient your bed to the northwest to inspire better luck in new relationships.


To encourage continuous money flow, you can decorate with Chinese symbols around your home. In particular, a pig statue with coins around it is quite appropriate for this year.

According to, the pig statue is said to encourage good traits and characteristics for those born in the Year of the Pig. Place it in your living room facing the door to help you work through difficulties and find financial success.

In addition, you can practice a few healthy habits to encourage good fortune in your life.
Keep your mops and brooms out of sight to prevent your money from being “swept away.” Likewise, keep your toilet lid down and the bathroom door closed so that money won’t be “flushed away.” Lastly, provide a mirror above your kitchen stove, to “multiply” the image of your stove burners.

As we are about to welcome the Year of the Pig in a few days, relish the ways of the Chinese and practice feng shui.

While your fortune will always be affected by your actions and personal decisions, cleaning your home and promoting good energy can also help. The Year of the Pig is a year of abundance. Make the most out of this year by remaining persistent and determined in all the things that you do.

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